Sam Chevalier

MIT RLE Headshot, Sept ’18

My name is Sam Chevalier, and I am a fourth year PhD student at MIT. I work with professors Kostya Turitsyn and Luca Daniel on problems related to the dynamics of large scale electric power systems. Since coming to MIT, I have primarily been researching new ways for locating the sources of low frequency forced oscillations in the transmission grid. In order to mathematically describe and analyze these types of phenomenon, our group relies on physically grounded interpretations of power flows, generator dynamics and load models. My primary research motivations are outlined in a recent article by UVM CEMS.

UVM + Green Mountain Power Flash Mob Research Team, May ’16

I received the BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering over a five year period at the University of Vermont as an IGERT affiliate. Advised by Dr. Paul Hines, my thesis focused on responding to the statistical warning signs of voltage collapse. We hope to continue deciphering the nuanced statistical information contained in PMU data streams to gauge system health.

America East Championships, May ’15

While at UVM, I was the captain of the Men’s Varsity T&F Team on which I competed as a pole vaulter. Click here to see my (unimpressive yet meticulous) career statistics. I was also, and still am at MIT, the student director for a variety of Veritas Forums. These events engage academics to think seriously about how science, faith, and morality intersect in our everyday lives.

If you have any questions about my research or interests, please contact me!

The Dome at MIT

Samuel Chevalier

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