Using Real Time Statistical Data To Improve Long Term Voltage Stability In Stochastic Power Systems

This behemoth represents my MS thesis work. Its primary accomplishment is the development of a reactive power controller which actively responds to bus voltage variance. We show that voltage variance can be a more useful control input signal than voltage mean in certain circumstances.


AC Power Flow and System Covariance Matrix Derivation

This document derives the AC power flow equations, develops system and load noise models, and then shows how the state and algebraic variable covariance matrices may be computed. Many of these ideas are based on work done by Dr. Goodarz Ghanavati.



IEEE PESGM Conference Paper: Identifying System-Wide Early Warning Signs of
Instability in Stochastic Power Systems

We use spectral decomposition of the reduced power flow Jacobian to pinpoint buses with poor voltage support. We then present how this analysis may be combined with online PMU processing to mitigate the effects of voltage collapse. The ideas of this paper are interesting (static spectral analysis + online dynamic data processing), but the mechanisms are underdeveloped.


Understanding Forced Oscillation Propagation via Mass-Spring-Damper Systems
We use a mass-spring damper system to intuitively understand how a forced mechanical oscillation propagates through a system.



Simulating Multiple Full Order Synchronous Generators while preserving Network Dynamics

This document goes into painstaking detail to explain how synchronous generators may be simulated in a transmission network while preserving all network dynamics (phasors are not used to compute active & reactive power flows).


Long Transmission Line Analysis

How does one convert the distributed parameters of a transmission line into lumped parameters? This derivation will answer all of your lingering questions.



Tokyo 1987 Voltage Collapse – Investigation

I analyzed the causes and consequences of the power system failure in Tokyo in 1987.


Northeast 2003 Blackout – Investigation

I analyzed the causes and consequences of the power system failure in the Northeastern US in 2003.


Monitoring First and Second Order Statistical Data for Gauging Voltage Collapse Proximity

In this (unpolished) academic paper, I present a useful framework (using random variable analysis) for quantifying the strength of the load noise associated with a load bus. Next, I present a method for calculating a critical bus voltage variance which should not be exceeded. This will occur if the system is approaching “static” voltage collapse.


Wireless Cross Country Skiing Force Measurement System

Simple Amplifier Circuit

My senior design team built a device which measures 1) forces applied to cross country ski poles and 2) the acceleration of the athlete. It provided real-time audio feedback for performance enhancement and data aggregation for post workout analysis. The final product was somewhat successful, but we would need to put in additional work to bring it out of the prototype stage.


Yearly Expenditure on Food Comparison

How much money will a college student save by foregoing a University meal plan and shopping for him/herself? I tracked every nickle I spent on food for two semesters during my junior year at UVM.

Much more to come…